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Can Single Parents Homeschool?

Often we get the question from single parents who do not want to send their kids to a public education and cannot afford a private education – can a single parent homeschool their child? The answer is yes but it does have its challenges, time probably being the major one.  The best thing is that for a child to learn as much as a public school student it only takes a few hours a day.

A support network is also really helpful especially if you work outside the home. Having people around to fill in the gaps of time when you need to be working is almost a necessity. Local homeschool support groups can be great for this as well as friends and family.

There are a lot of curriculum programs that are online or on a cd that take some of the stress off creating assignments for your child. These are especially good if your child is self-motivated with a great curriculum – found here https://homeschoolcurriculumhelper.com/.

Homeschooling around your work schedule will probably be the greatest challenge you have. Some single parents work from home which if you can do is probably the easiest to manage your homeschooling time.  Others have flexible schedules that are not your average nine to five type jobs.  These also offer more flexibility.

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