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Field Trips and Homeschooling

One of the great things about homeschooling is the ability to take field trips. When you homeschool you can make it so that these trips fit into your schedule. And field trips don’t have to be expensive either. Just about every major zoo and museum has free days. Visit their websites or give them a call.  They generally have the schedule of free days available for the entire year. It might be next week or four months from now.  That’s why you want to find out now, so you can plan your field trips for the year.

Homeschool support groups are a great place to find out about field trips and often you can get a group together so your kids can get together with other homeschoolers as we showcase at https://homeschoolcurriculumhelper.com/.

When thinking about field trips, don’t just limit yourself to museums and zoos.  If you have manufacturing plants in the area, they often are open to tours. An example is Celestial Seasonings Teas in Boulder, Colorado. They have tours daily that are quite interesting and your children can learn about production, automation, and how businesses work. There are probably businesses close to you that you might be able to tour.

Don’t forget places like fire departments as well. If you contact them they might set up a tour for you. Get creative.  There is a lot to do that offers up a lot of learning opportunities for your children.

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