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Homeschooling Laws Every Mom Should Know

Today homeschooling is extremely popular with literally millions of children enjoying homeschool learning, and that number is just in the United States.

The most recent estimate is that the homeschooling phenomenon will continue to grow to over twelve million by the year 2015.

The laws governing homeschooling are not federal, they are state laws. Each state is allowed to set their own laws and regulations on homeschooling. And with most state laws, they are all different so you really need to learn the laws of your specific state.

Each state has some minimum requirement for the education of the children residing in their state. Most of the time, these regulations are set by the State Board of Education. The purpose of the State Board of Education is to make sure that an adequate education is given to each child. There is an overriding Federal law that says that no state can deny an education based on their race, color, sex or national origin. Known as the Equal Education Opportunities Act and passed in 1974. All state Boards of Education must abide by this federal law.

The ultimate responsibility for the education of a child falls to the parents, not the state education board. It is up to the parent to decide how they want their child educated. They can select public schools, private schools or homeschool. All public schools and some private schools are state regulated. Having a good curriculum is a must, as our homepage has the best homeschool curriculum reviews.

Since many parents elect to homeschool due to religious beliefs, this generally means that there are fewer regulations for homeschoolers.

Although all state has their own laws, there is one that is close to being ‘universal’. That law mandates the age that the childs education must begin. And even though all states have such a law, the actual mandated age for starting is different. Some state require the child to be in school from the ages of 7 to 16 and others have the ages set at 5 to 17. So from this, you can see the importance of finding out exactly what your state requires.

The homeschool laws for each state can be found on the internet. A couple of good sites are the Home School Legal Defense Association and the National Home Education Network. There are homeschool magazines that can help you stay current on the various issue regarding homeschooling too.

Keep in mind that if you move to a different state while homeschooling your children then the laws for your new state of residence are now those you must follow. So a job transfer or if you are a military family may mean educating yourself on more that one states laws.

This is one reason a lot of military parents as well as families that requires frequent job transfers use homeschooling. It guarantees the continuous education of the child without the disruption of transferring from school to school.

No matter in which of the fifty states you reside, homeschooling is legal.

Generally, the state requirements are not onerous. Typically you must notify the board of education of your intent to homeschool and you may be required send them your portfolios too.

With millions of children being homeschooled, there is always a place to find support and the answers to your questions via the internet.

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