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How To Make Sure Your Children Get Proper Socialization In Homeschooling

One of the biggest objections people have to homeschooling is the perceived lack of socialization. However, if the experiences kids have in public school now-a-days counts as this “socialization” that the general public seems to think our children need, I don’t want it! Let me explain what I mean…

Bullying = Socialization?

First of all, let’s look at bullying. I know parents whose children are so bullied by other children at school that they cry, and beg their parents not to make them go. Some of these kids are only in Kindergarten! Often, if a victim does try to stand up for themselves, THEY are punished rather than the actual kids that are the instigators. Is this the type of socialization that people think children need? If so, I want absolutely NO PART OF IT at homeschool curriculum helper!

Look at all of the cases of suicide that have occurred due to this “socialization” our nation’s kids are participating in. How does being physically, emotionally and psychologically abused by their peers help them? If this type of abuse went on in the child’s home, he or she would be removed to a “safe” environment, yet it seems to be socially acceptable as long as it occurs in school. Tell me, does that make sense to you?

Failing to Live Up to Expectations

Families in our country are diverse, therefore our nation’s children and students are also diverse. There are different cultures, financial backgrounds, family dynamics and even languages. However, children from so-called “under-privileged” families are often treated as lesser than everyone else. This especially happens with finances. If kids have clothes that are obviously not brand-new, brand names, or even that don’t fit right, they are ridiculed. These poor children don’t “fit in” with the self-proclaimed “popular” kids whose parents are better off financially.

This isn’t the type of socialization I find important to my childrens’ well-being. Being judged using a monetary scale does nothing but diminish a child’s self-worth and self-confidence. Where’s the positive aspect of that?? I honestly don’t know, in fact, I really don’t think there’s much positivity in this type of socialization at all.

Schools Teach “Don’t Listen to Your Parents!”

Have I lost you yet? Disagree with the headline? Think about it. Schools are required to give out condoms to students (in many states, this applies to ALL grades). Does that override your parenting rules? Because they don’t have to get your permission! Even if you don’t mind this, it still takes the rights away from parents. It teaches the kids that they can have sex, even without their parents knowledge or permission; after all, your school will provide you with condoms, no questions asked!

Even if you disagree with me on this point, think about it from a child’s perspective: the school says that they’ll give out condoms, even though Mom & Dad say it’s wrong. Well, if the school says it’s OK, what else don’t I have to listen to my parents about?

In addition, we are projecting too many adult personality traits onto children. A child as young as 6 years old has already been charged with sexual harassment. Seriously??? How in the world is that even possible? Again I say, this type of “socialization” is not what I need or want for my children!

Violence in Schools

Let’s address the violence that is in our country’s public schools. Aside from bullying, and condescending attitudes, children are bringing weapons to school. It’s gotten so bad that children are getting suspended or worse for nothing more than taking plasticware in their lunchboxes. Children are being subjected to metal detectors, body searches and school security officers have been known to attack students for the dumbest reasons.

All of this shows these kids two things: 1.) that you are scared of them, and 2.) adults don’t trust them. The first gives them the power (Parenting 101, never show your child they have power over you) and the second undermines their sense of worth. I’ve got to tell you, I’m so upset that my children are missing out on this socialization!

Homeschooling Socialization is Full of Positive Experiences

The socialization my children receive are from activities with other homeschooled children, activities at church, scouts and sports teams. They have friends, sleepovers, birthday parties, play dates and of course they play with other kids when we visit ours. They have fun at more appropriate times, and learning is focused on learning (instead of texting/passing notes or whispering behind the teacher’s back).

What are your thoughts on the socialization issue?

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