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Should You Homeschool?

To many people, this appears to be a simple question depending on whether you believe schooling is something better left to professionals or whether you can give your child a better education at home. First off we will dispel whether you need a professional teacher teaching your child.  The only thing the professional teacher has learned is how to teach and generally has no mastery of any one subject.  Do you think that with no background in math they can teach your child any better than you? Especially considering that they only know how to teach groups and are not capable of teaching to each child’s specific way of learning. Well, enough of that. At Homeschool Curriculum Helper
we already know through testing that homeschooled children do as well or better than public school children. So let’s ask the question of those that believe in homeschooling already.

Just because you are a believer in homeschooling does not necessarily mean that you should start homeschooling right now.  We, of course, believe that you should start as early as possible but you need to ask yourself a few questions first.

Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Homeschooling takes on a life of its own as you are with your family almost all the time. Every part of the day becomes a part of the learning process as you are not just teaching subjects to your children but you are teaching them how to mature and develop self-reliance.  It’s a great lifestyle but may be quite different than you are accustomed to.

Do you have support? You not only need the support of family and friends but you also should have the support of a local homeschool support group. These days you can find them in just about every city.

Have you looked into the curriculum? Homeschooling has grown to have an extremely diverse range of choices in the curriculum that caters to any child’s learning style and any parent’s teaching style. There are workbooks, cd-roms, textbooks, unit studies, online, you name it and you can choose it.

Have you looked into your state’s homeschool laws? Homeschool laws vary from very lax to very strict depending on what state you live in. Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states but you will want to see how homeschooling is treated in your state to see how to proceed.

Do you feel able to teach? This is a commitment you have to make to your children. It is their education. The answer is usually, of course, you can teach. Homeschool curriculum these days make it very easy for you to teach your children. If you follow the curriculum as laid out for you your children will get an excellent education.

If you can answer these questions to yourself honestly then you can make the right decision as to whether you should homeschool or not.  Our member area helps you answer all of these questions including the laws of your state, determining a child’s learning style, how to choose curriculum, where to find support and much more.

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