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Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum Review

One of the most popular homeschool curriculum programs that has come out over the last decade has been Sonlight. There are many pros and cons to homeschooling your children using the Sonlight book series so read along!


  • Can mix and match. For example, if you have your own Math curriculum already setup you can order a package such as Core B which doesn’t include Math.
  • Schedule: The schedule is setup amazing and makes for a quick out of the box experience. This alone is one of the bestselling factors for going with Sonlight. Box curriculum that comes in the mail, scheduled out each subject week by week.
  • Out of the Box: For an out of the box curriculum, Sonlight is a home run. Each week is scheduled out and you are ready to start homeschooling and have your first day planned out.
  • Have curriculum packages for all ages – from preschool to high school. For families that are homeschooling multiple grades, Sonlight is perfect.
  • Read aloud books are perfect for younger students.
  • Time Period Learning: Similar to Charlotte Mason, the history lessons allow for students to study for a certain time period, and then read a book during this period. For example, during the American Revolution period, you might read Johnny Tremain which is an all-time favorite for my family.


  • Heavy Workload: Many moms have found that keeping up with the workload of Sonlight can be difficult. If you want to pick and choose as you go try and not get caught up with trying to be a perfectionist and try and finish every item with your children.
  • Language Arts Program: Many moms found that the language curriculum was not up to date and difficult to jump into. The amount of reading involved can be overwhelming and can be difficult for children who might be a little behind with their reading comprehension skills.
  • Be Prepared To Read: Many moms have expressed difficulty keeping up with the reading. Don’t be surprised if you lose your voice after the first couple weeks!

If you want something that is scheduled out, ready to go out of the box Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum is a great option! See below for several used Sonlight homeschool curriculum packages for sale.