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Used Homeschool Curriculum By Subject

Finding a homeschool curriculum that fits exactly what you are looking for can sometimes be a daunting task. There is plenty of help out there and many people find that subscribing to homeschooling magazines, joining internet forums and finding local likeminded homeschool groups is a good way to start.

If you have never homeschooled before, you should consider attending a local homeschool convention/conference. There are always lots curriculum providers attending. Also keep in mind that with some curriculum providers, not everything is included and you are required to purchase additional textbooks and/or workbooks.

Be sure to keep your specific circumstances in mind when selecting a curriculum. The child’s age, as well as their placement either above or below grade level, are important considerations.

If you are at a complete loss, then you may want to consider having your child take a placement test. There are many sources for these tests online. The test results will give you a good indication of your child’s performance levels in the various subject classes (history, science, etc). In addition to the child’s performance level, you may also want to consider the primary learning mode of your child. For example, an auditory learner probably learns best with a lot of lecture type classes and a tactile learner will most likely excel with a curriculum that emphasizes more hands-on type of activities.


There are lots of homeschool history books and curriculum on the market. When looking at any subject, keep in mind that the best one will most likely be the one that helps you combine other subjects too. An example would be studying American inventors and that tying into science also.

A retention rate will be higher for subjects that are ‘touched’ by more than one group (science, history, literature, etc.). One will have a natural reinforcing effect on the others.


As mentioned in the Homeschool History section, a subject that is touched upon by more than one study group generally has the highest retention rate. So try to find a science book and/or curriculum that will allow the subjects taught to tie into others. Like tying science into history, etc.

Homeschool science is a very broad category and some of the main subgroups are:

  • Chemistry
  • Life Science
  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science
  • Physics
  • General Science

This group is not intended to be all inclusive but is used to show just how broad and diverse a subject like science can be. Homeschool science books, as well as curriculum, are shown below.