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What Is Classical Homeschooling?

The Classical Method of homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. This is an education that is definitely long term and for the academically minded student. The basics of the Classical Method are founded in ancient Greece and medieval Europe. The method is based on what is known as the Trivium which is a three-part method of education. The early years are the foundational years where students learn the basic facts of education. In the middle grades, they learn to use arguments in their thinking process. Finally, in the later years, they put this to practice and learn how to express this learning on our website.

This is a language based method of homeschooling with a heavy emphasis on classical literature. Classical homeschooling is teaching your child how to learn and then use that information throughout life.  You can find an in-depth discussion of the Classical Method at The Well Trained Mind.

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